August 29, 2009

Doll Quilt Swap #7

I was lucky enough to enter the 7th Doll Quilt Swap before it filled up. Our swaps are supposed to secret so I can't say who this is going to but this little quilt will be heading out on Monday to its owner.
My partner stated that she really liked japanese prints so I thought of a little coin quilt to highlight some that I had in my stash. This is what the front of the quilt looks like.

I decided to make a simple back with some more japanese prints.
I wanted to do a little different quilting so I thought it would look nice to use decorative stitching. I hope the recipients enjoys this along with some other fun sewing goodies I will be putting in the package.

Check out the Doll Quilt Swap Flickr group to see what everyone else is swapping.

Take care mucho,

August 26, 2009

Vintage revamped

A few weeks ago along 14th street in DC (yeah it's cleaned up quite a bit) there was a "Dog Days of Summer" sidewalk sale. So as we walked along we noticed that the local theater was having a HUGE garage sale of items from their shows. I got a very cute, small vintage suitcase. It wasn't looking so hot inside but I knew that it would be a nice fixer uper. I totally forgot to take a before picture but here is what it has turned into....

I had this guitar fabric (I think it is Alexander Henry) sitting in my stash for the longest time waiting for its perfect project. I used timex for the inside so that it was nice and sturdy. I glued it all in with some incredibly tacky glue I have had sitting in a box. I ended up keeping the outside trim the same, but spray painted the middle. I didn't change the color drastically because I liked the khaki color to start with. I did however want to cover up some of the scratches that it had. It has been years since I used spray paint and I have forgotten how much fun it can be.... and not to mention super easy!

I also ended up picking up a little tea cup. I had seen teacup pincushions popping up all over the place on Flickr so I wanted to try to make one of my own. Simple and easy project. Plus it was only $1.50.
I used some mini dress form japanese fabric and added the mini pom pom edging left over from another project. I really like the way it turned out and it already is in a good home next to my mom's sewing machine. She always gets little goodies from me :)

Have you tried to revamp anything vintage? I feel as though I have to raid my local thrift shop a bit more frequnetly to see what else I can spice up.

Take care mucho,

August 24, 2009

Swimming fish....

I had a previous post about my Heather Ross fish fabric quilt. I came up with the circle pattern and really liked the way it turned out... and now I have finally decided on how I was going to quilt it and it's all done!

I have seen the "pebble" quilting out on many blogs and thought this one would be the best quilt to try it out on. I liked the circles and thought it might look kinda like bubbles to go with the blue water.
If you haven't tried "pebble" quilting I highly recommend it. It is really easy and it's impossible to mess up. It did take up a lot more thread than stippling would but I thought it was well worth it.

Do you have any favorite quilting designs? I am really enjoying exploring new and non-traditional techniques.

Take care mucho,
- Natalie

August 23, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

I was introduced to Spud & Chloe by The Purl Bee with there cute, easy, and fast blankie project. So I ran off to my new favorite yarn shop Fiber Space, just opened, and I went a little crazy. I loved all of the colors. So... I bought enough to to finish this blankie

Then I couldn't stop there. I allowed myself to get two skeins of the mustard yellow for a little sweater for my little guy. I was looking up lots of different pattern in cyberspace but nothing seamed to be the right size or wasn't exactly the style I was looking for... so what is a gal to do... I just made one up. This is what it ended up being

Reminds me of Charlie Brown so naturally that led me to name it the Charlie Brown Sweater. I had never completely made up a knitted pattern before, I have altered patterns but never created one out of thin air. So I am very proud of the way this one came out. I hope to write out a pattern, but I want to make another sweater before posting it so that I can make sure that the pattern actually works.

I am now excited for a little cold weather just to see him in his sweater.

Take Care Mucho,

August 10, 2009

Doll Quilt Swap #7

So I have forgotten to let everyone know that I actually got into the next Doll Quilt Swap!! I am very excited to have made the cut off. It is quite popular and filled up really quickly. I have never participated before but have seen many participants in cyber land and LOVE them. I am really excited to get started on planning the design. I will let you know how it comes out but I can't tell you who my partner is ... it's a surprise :) If you want to follow along as other swapers are finishing up their doll quilts click here.

Take care mucho,

August 3, 2009

Bee Inspired- July and August

I finally got my butt in gear and whipped up John and Barb's blocks for July.  

These are John's.  He asked us to create a block who's name I can't remember (though did have pineapple in it's name-hence the triangles on the diagonal).  They were fun and easy to make.  He sent us plenty of fabric so I made two for him.... plus they are only 9 inch blocks so the more the merrier.  

Barb wanted a more wonky look.  She was inspired by a wonky bento box style quilt found on Flickr.  So we each made a quarter box.  I loved working wonky.  No rules and no seams to line up.  Such freedom.  I just might have to take a stab at an all wonky quilt soon.

Krista sent her fabric out early, for her month August, because she is in the middle of a big move.  Since I was already working on John's and Barb's I got her fabric out and got to work.  Working on this block was quite liberating.  Krista only sent two colors and gave us some pictures for ideas.  I went the geometrical route.   I like the way it ended up.  I am interested in seeing what the other Bee Inspired members did for their blocks.  

If you want to follow the Bee Inspired group or see other blocks, check out our group on Flickr here.  

Hope everyone can find some inspiration today!
take care mucho,