August 23, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

I was introduced to Spud & Chloe by The Purl Bee with there cute, easy, and fast blankie project. So I ran off to my new favorite yarn shop Fiber Space, just opened, and I went a little crazy. I loved all of the colors. So... I bought enough to to finish this blankie

Then I couldn't stop there. I allowed myself to get two skeins of the mustard yellow for a little sweater for my little guy. I was looking up lots of different pattern in cyberspace but nothing seamed to be the right size or wasn't exactly the style I was looking for... so what is a gal to do... I just made one up. This is what it ended up being

Reminds me of Charlie Brown so naturally that led me to name it the Charlie Brown Sweater. I had never completely made up a knitted pattern before, I have altered patterns but never created one out of thin air. So I am very proud of the way this one came out. I hope to write out a pattern, but I want to make another sweater before posting it so that I can make sure that the pattern actually works.

I am now excited for a little cold weather just to see him in his sweater.

Take Care Mucho,

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