August 5, 2014

Last week = knitting!

So we have gotten to a really good start on our knitting week. We had 4 students that were totally new to knitting, 3 that had tried before but didn't remember and 1 that totally knows her stuff :) I am happy to report that every single gal is now knitting and many purling too! (In knitting there are 2 basic stitches: knit & purl) tomorrow the girls start picking out a simple project to conquer as well as learn to decode knitting patterns.

 Don't they all lol so serious and concentrated? :)
I make sure they get mandatory breaks since being in these positions for too long can really put a crink in your neck or back.

Tomorrow I'll take some pictures of swatches (aka- their practice knitted pieces). You can really see how much students have improved in 2 short days.

July 31, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

Today flew by and I didn't have a minute to spare. 

I was doing a lot of this 
Luckily I had remembered I should take pictures and asked a camper to do me the favor. So this is what today looked like :)

(This is a pillow cover. The fabric was way cooler than what this picture shows)

Aaaaaand my beautiful photographer 
Thanks for helping a sister out!

Last day tomorrow :( 
I have really loved hanging with this group.

July 28, 2014

Week 4: open studio

So we all had the case of the Mondays today :( I totally forgot to take pictures and my kiddos were all yawning as they started their projects. Aren't Monday mornings always the toughest? 
I hope to have some proof tomorrow of the work being done. There really are some cool projects!

July 27, 2014

The final countdown :)

The end of the using patterns week was a great one. So many projects that got conquered. 

A cute lemon/orange zipper pouch. This was a pattern that she modified all on her own so that the inside was lined :) 

A few projects were all cut up and ready to finish at home. So many of my students have ewing machines at home. Makes me smile!

How cute is this bag? She was taking it with her on vacation :)

This student made an awesome word robe for her dolls... And a few pieces for herself :)

This was probably my most productive kid this week. She was a quiet one but came out with lots of great projects. These two bags were made this week and they are filled with more finished projects. I only snapped this pic at the last minute so she's not in it to show off her stuff.

One of the best weeks so far! I loved having you ladies with me this week! 

July 24, 2014

Stitch, Stitch, Stitch

Another incredibly productive day :) check these gals out ...

The girls even snapped a photo of me :)

Last day tomorrow :( 

July 23, 2014

Week 3: Using Patterns

Wow! It's Wednesday night and this is the first post of the week :( sorry friends for my lack of updates. I must blame it on my awesome group of girls this week. They have been so busy sewing such fun projects that we are racing to clean up at the end of the day. So naturally I forget to take pictures. I took a few today so that you knew there really was lots of patterning going on :)

A wall folder/ organizer from a sewing book

1 of 2 pj pants she patterned off of her already made pjs!

A music stand case completely drafted on her own!

And always lots of pinning and new projects getting started. 

I hope to have more pictures tomorrow of more of the finished projects. There really have been blowing my mind how amazing these girls are. I mean they are tackling making up their own patterns (and they work!!)
Only 2 more days left :(

July 20, 2014


I forgot to post about my final day of Modern Quilting :( Having 2 small children has really destroyed my brain capacity, haha.  

Unfortunately there was so much sewing and project finishing that I totally forgot to take pictures of the last day :(

It was a really fun week though, and I will miss these gals.  I can't be too sad though, because I have the next camp to look forward to, Using Patterns. So come back to see what projects get tackled using patterns :)