August 26, 2009

Vintage revamped

A few weeks ago along 14th street in DC (yeah it's cleaned up quite a bit) there was a "Dog Days of Summer" sidewalk sale. So as we walked along we noticed that the local theater was having a HUGE garage sale of items from their shows. I got a very cute, small vintage suitcase. It wasn't looking so hot inside but I knew that it would be a nice fixer uper. I totally forgot to take a before picture but here is what it has turned into....

I had this guitar fabric (I think it is Alexander Henry) sitting in my stash for the longest time waiting for its perfect project. I used timex for the inside so that it was nice and sturdy. I glued it all in with some incredibly tacky glue I have had sitting in a box. I ended up keeping the outside trim the same, but spray painted the middle. I didn't change the color drastically because I liked the khaki color to start with. I did however want to cover up some of the scratches that it had. It has been years since I used spray paint and I have forgotten how much fun it can be.... and not to mention super easy!

I also ended up picking up a little tea cup. I had seen teacup pincushions popping up all over the place on Flickr so I wanted to try to make one of my own. Simple and easy project. Plus it was only $1.50.
I used some mini dress form japanese fabric and added the mini pom pom edging left over from another project. I really like the way it turned out and it already is in a good home next to my mom's sewing machine. She always gets little goodies from me :)

Have you tried to revamp anything vintage? I feel as though I have to raid my local thrift shop a bit more frequnetly to see what else I can spice up.

Take care mucho,

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