February 20, 2009

First OP Post....

I can't believe that my first post for the OP challenge is happening at 9:30.  My day started off quite nicely, finding out that my first two periods of teaching today were cancelled due to a filed trip... then the afternoon hit and it was a whirlwind! I survived and got home as soon as I could to get started on my OP squares, well errrr.... it's more like my twist to the squares, haha.

So as I read Pat's posting at work this morning I had every intention to stick to her pattern and even created some templates on the computer and colored them in to see how I wanted to play around with the colors.  I did after all have an extra two periods of class to creatively think.  
Then I got home and started working and well I got inspired to stopped after step two of the block and started playing around.  This is what resulted.  
Ah... yeah I know totally  NOT what the block even looks like, haha. I fell in love with the cloud fabric and the brightness of all the colors together that I decided to make it childish and transformed what I thought would be a lap quilt into a play mat quilt.  I think the fabric is perfect for it!  It just screams a bright sunny day out in the grass.  I have to make one more- oh oops I should say half of one more of Pat's block (haha), to complete the right side and of course I have to actually sew it all together... though I think that is going to happen tomorrow ;)

Stop by tomorrow I am on Pat's blog hop and will have a giveaway!!  I have even decided to add to what was already posted so you have to come back and check it out :) 

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  1. What a great way to speed up the quilt for that quick gift.
    Cloud Mom