February 16, 2009

It's been a while...

So I am a little disappointed with my lack of sewing this long weekend :( but my little companion always puts me in a good mood and wanted to share with everyone how he converted my OP "Orange Pile" as his pillow.  

Speaking of the OP retreat... It starts this Friday the 20th and goes until Sunday.    It is hosted by Pat, (you can read up about the retreat on my sidebar).  I am really looking forward to a WAY more productive sewing weekend.   Along with the retreat, different blogs/ businesses that are participating are giving away some goodies.  I have decided to give away the following

It's a cute toolbelt style apron and a matching dishtowel.  I love this pear print! especially paired up with the waffle weave white cotton.  I hope that the recipient will get some good use out of it.  

Now to change the subject a little bit this is the project I am working on for my friend.  She confessed to me that she's never had a quilt.  So of course I had to change that.  

I used my first Michael Miller fat quarter pack that I got from the fat quarter shop.  I have decided to add another row of 5 squares to make it a little longer.  I will keep you posted on the progress.
Hope everyone had a great Presidents Day Weekend!


  1. How could anyone not own a quilt? Oh that's right, so many people don't quilt anymore. It is too easy to go to Wal-mart to get a cheap blanket to keep you warm instead of relying on the skills you have to make them! And when women started working, home crafts became less important. I'm so glad there are so many of us that are still interested in things like crafting and making our own things instead of relying totally on others to do it for us.

  2. I love the quilt...the black really sets everything off. And the pear apron? Cute, cute, cute!