July 31, 2012


that is the best word to describe today.  Everyone made huge progress especially the kids in the afternoon Modern Quilting camp.  
Take a look below of the fun happenings from the morning Intro to Sewing.

All the hard work paid off.... All of these were finishes for the day!  Way to go girls!

Making a quilt is quite a long process but the kids in the afternoon are sure to finish in time for Friday's last class.  Just look how this....

Turned into this...
And she actually got more done than this  by the time we had to pack up.


turned into this....
Will definitely be finished by tomorrow!

This layout....
 was getting put together into strips!  

Tomorrow I am sure this quilt top will be finished :)

This was the last picture I have for today.  It doesn't look like much from the angle I took this picture, but she made way more progress by the time we left today.  The best part of this quilt is that it is going to be for her grandpa.  I don't know what grandparent wouldn't want to cozy up to a quilt handmade by their grandchild.  TOTALLY what quilting is all about!

So excited to see some more finished projects in the am and finished quilts in the pm.  Again, I'm blown away by the kids and how quickly they pick up skills!

Take care mucho,

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