July 30, 2012

The Final Stretch

We have begun the beginning of the end.  Today marks the start of the last week of camp.  There are 8 returning students! and 4 new students.  I was so engrossed in helping everyone complete their projects that I barely took any pictures.  I remembered in the middle of the morning session and completely forgot in the afternoon :( So I will share with you the few pictures I took....

 Geared up for a week of sewing Christmas gifts...  How wonderful and thoughtful!

 Working on the first project a pin cushion

Some finished projects on day 1!
I have a feeling this week is going to have some great finished products!  

The afternoon Modern Quilting camp had some awesome projects started.  Quilts always take a bit more time to finish but you will see how creative and fun these kids are (you know when I remember to actually take picture, haha)

Take care mucho,

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