August 1, 2012

Half way there

Today marks the middle of the week.  Only 2 days left and I am so surprised how many projects and quilt progress has been made up till now.  I have LOTS of pictures to share...

Quilt top and fun heart pillow finished all in the morning.

 Look how great these coasters ended up.  Love that detail!

 Some proud campers with their finished projects for the day.

Fun pillow case designed all on her own!

Here is a purse that needs 3 more stitch lines and it will be done as well.  YAY!

 This where her quilt started at the beginning of the day today.

 Then it progressed to this....

And by the end of the day she was giving it the final stitch all the way around!

 this quilt went from not even having a complete top 

To totally finished!  Ok well she needs to hand tie a few more places, but that is practically done :)

This quilt went from just a few squares pieced together... to a completely finished top!  (forgot to take a picture of the finished top, oops!)

 this quilt went from being pinned...

to totally and completely finished!

this one being worked on when i took this picture, so there is a row missing.  I expect this one to be a finish by the end of the day tomorrow :)

Two days to go and I feel like everyone is way ahead of schedule. Check back tomorrow to see even more projects finished.
Take care mucho,

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