July 31, 2012


that is the best word to describe today.  Everyone made huge progress especially the kids in the afternoon Modern Quilting camp.  
Take a look below of the fun happenings from the morning Intro to Sewing.

All the hard work paid off.... All of these were finishes for the day!  Way to go girls!

Making a quilt is quite a long process but the kids in the afternoon are sure to finish in time for Friday's last class.  Just look how this....

Turned into this...
And she actually got more done than this  by the time we had to pack up.


turned into this....
Will definitely be finished by tomorrow!

This layout....
 was getting put together into strips!  

Tomorrow I am sure this quilt top will be finished :)

This was the last picture I have for today.  It doesn't look like much from the angle I took this picture, but she made way more progress by the time we left today.  The best part of this quilt is that it is going to be for her grandpa.  I don't know what grandparent wouldn't want to cozy up to a quilt handmade by their grandchild.  TOTALLY what quilting is all about!

So excited to see some more finished projects in the am and finished quilts in the pm.  Again, I'm blown away by the kids and how quickly they pick up skills!

Take care mucho,

July 30, 2012

The Final Stretch

We have begun the beginning of the end.  Today marks the start of the last week of camp.  There are 8 returning students! and 4 new students.  I was so engrossed in helping everyone complete their projects that I barely took any pictures.  I remembered in the middle of the morning session and completely forgot in the afternoon :( So I will share with you the few pictures I took....

 Geared up for a week of sewing Christmas gifts...  How wonderful and thoughtful!

 Working on the first project a pin cushion

Some finished projects on day 1!
I have a feeling this week is going to have some great finished products!  

The afternoon Modern Quilting camp had some awesome projects started.  Quilts always take a bit more time to finish but you will see how creative and fun these kids are (you know when I remember to actually take picture, haha)

Take care mucho,

Planning for Fall

So I had received my Arlington Parks and Rec. class catalog in the mail, but didn't notice it when I went through my pile of mail.  I have gotten a chance to look through it and found my classes on page 3!  For those of you planning your Fall adventures think about signing up for one of my classes.  I have 2 different classes offered for both adults (yes you read right... first adult classes!) and kids.  Below check out the descriptions and dates....

School of Crafts: Intro to Sewing
This class teaches the basics of hand and machine sewing.  Skills covered include: safety measures for cutting and sewing (using a rotary cutter and shears), threading a sewing machine and winding a bobbin, using a needle and sewing machine.  Students will create 2 or more real-life projects of their choosing to facilitate development of these skills.  Fee includes materials. A sewing machine will be furnished for in-class use. 
Location:  Fairlington Community Center

Ages 15- Adult               5 sessions                $150
120120A Mon., Sept. 17, 7-9pm

Ages 9-14                        5 sessions                $150
12012B  Mon., Sept. 17, 4:30-6:30pm

School of Crafts: Modern Quilting
Quilting isn't just for grandmothers anymore!  This class will teach students the basics of quilting using modern patterns and fabrics.  Skills covered include: safety measures for cutting and sewing (using rotary cutter ans shears), threading a sewing machine and winding a bobbin, creating and combining quilt blocks and sewing a while quilt. Some machine sewing experience is helpful but not required.  Students will complete at least one quilted project by the end of the class. All materials will be discussed at the first class.  A sewing machine will be furnished for in-class use.
Location: Fairlington Community Center

Ages 15- Adult              5 sessions                    $150
120118B Wed., Sept. 19, 7-9pm

Ages 9-14                      5 sessions                    $150
120118A Wed., Sept. 19, 4:30- 6:30pm

If you want to register please contact Arlington Parks and Recreation directly.  Follow the link below and it will give you more information.  

Hope to see you out at one of the classes!

Take care mucho,


July 27, 2012

Fall Class update

I just got an email from a student's parent that the fall classes I am offering through Arlington Parks and Recreation are in their catalog.  I hadn't heard for sure what the final schedule would be so that is the reason I hadn't sent out a newsletter to all my School of Craft followers so I am really sorry for that.  I am still not positive what the classes are though I do remember it was for Monday and Wednesday after school.  If you have your catalog check it out and contact Arlington to sign up!
As soon as I have a copy of the catalog in my hands I will let you know more specific information :)

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Take care mucho,

Another week flies by

The last day of camp this week was filled with great finishes, pizza and Oreo cookies.  Can't get much better than that :) Check out the last day review through pictures....

This is by far the biggest accomplishment at School of Crafts... 2 finished dresses! So proud of all my students this week. So many great projects finished.
Thanks again kiddos for making my work week so much fun.  I hope to see you guys in future classes :)

Take care mucho,

July 26, 2012

One more day to go

I was so into all the projects going on that I was not a good photographer today.  I remembered to take a pair of pictures at the end of the morning session and then completely forgot to take any pictures in the afternoon :(
The good thing is that the kids made some great progress.  Below are the finishes from the morning class. 

Promise to be much better tomorrow to photo document the fun we have.

Take care mucho,

July 25, 2012

Halfway there....

Today marks the middle of the week and the kids are busily working on some great projects.  

 Finished messenger bag!

 Finished elephant plushie!

 Sunglasses and scissors case...DONE!

Cape in progress.... this one is sure to be finished tomorrow.
One of 2 curtains for her room.  They turned out fantastic!

 Ottoman in progress.  Wait till you see the stitching detail on this one!

 Ironing sections of her dress in progress.  Really looking forward to seeing this when it is finished!

 Finished lunch bag!

Amazing! Right?  I really can't say it enough, kids really do pick this up quite quickly and run with their new skills.  I love their energy and of course their enthusiasm. 

We even got a special treat today.  During clean up my mom surprised me by bringing my little Lorenzo for a visit.  He LOVED seeing all my students and what they had created.  My mom keeps talking about all the fun projects she saw in progress and was even more impressed with the projects that were finished.  Keep it up kiddos...  We have to make the most of the next 2 days!

Take care mucho,

July 24, 2012

Just keep on sewing.....

A few finishes to report today! 

Here is the morning crew showing off their final projects.

 A great dress in progress....

 A skirt almost finished....

 Having fun with her little plushie...

Small pillow with a nice flower accessory in progress.  

Looking forward to another day of hanging with fun kids and sewing up a storm.

Take care mucho,

July 23, 2012

Week 3 gets off to a great start!

 Week 3 has started!  There are a few returning students but also quite a few new ones.  Everyone was busily starting projects... a few even finished some small ones :)

 This week most projects are free choice.  The morning Intro to Sewing camp has 3 returning students that jumped into projects of their choosing.  In the afternoon Open Studio, students have brought along quite a few fun projects to start up.  There are lost of projects on their lists so there is no time to spare!  Looking forward to seeing some great finished projects later on this week.

Stay tuned all week for more updates!

Take care mucho,