July 25, 2012

Halfway there....

Today marks the middle of the week and the kids are busily working on some great projects.  

 Finished messenger bag!

 Finished elephant plushie!

 Sunglasses and scissors case...DONE!

Cape in progress.... this one is sure to be finished tomorrow.
One of 2 curtains for her room.  They turned out fantastic!

 Ottoman in progress.  Wait till you see the stitching detail on this one!

 Ironing sections of her dress in progress.  Really looking forward to seeing this when it is finished!

 Finished lunch bag!

Amazing! Right?  I really can't say it enough, kids really do pick this up quite quickly and run with their new skills.  I love their energy and of course their enthusiasm. 

We even got a special treat today.  During clean up my mom surprised me by bringing my little Lorenzo for a visit.  He LOVED seeing all my students and what they had created.  My mom keeps talking about all the fun projects she saw in progress and was even more impressed with the projects that were finished.  Keep it up kiddos...  We have to make the most of the next 2 days!

Take care mucho,

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