December 13, 2010

100 Quilts for Christmas!

Do you all remember this post, where I talked about some friends from our DC Modern group challenging the quilting community to make 100 quilts for charity. Well back then I had pledged 3 quilts and I actually met my goal despite all the holiday crazies!

Bloggers Swim, Bike, Quilt & Aunt Spicy set up great giveaways and today- of course the last possibly day- I am finally posting about my 3 little quilts.

Here they are in no particular order....

The first was made with some left over from this quilt. I had this one partically pieced so it was finished relatively quickly.

The second was left over t-shirts from my little Ciao Bella baby quilt.

Lastly, this quilt was started by someone very nice at the DC Modern charity event. A whole bunch of us had gotten together to start sewing some of these 100 quilts. This happened to be one that didn't get finished that night so I took it home finished piecing it together and made some finishing touches.

I was a little nervous having pledged 3 but I am so happy that these will be going to someone in need.

Have you made any charity quilts this holiday season?

Take care mucho,

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