January 4, 2010

The 1st of 2010

The first quilt of the year goes to my friend....

I know this isn't the best of pictures, but it is absolutely freezing here. Which means no taking pictures outside for the moment. This quilt turned out SO great. It is almost hard for me to give it away. It turned out way better than I ever envisioned it.

I had a 12 pack of coordinating fat quarters laying around so I put them too good use. It is all just 6 inch squares and soft minki fabric on the back !(that is the bonus on this one). Since I used the minki fabric I didn't want to to do regular quilting so I hand tied it at the intersecting points with coordinating dmc floss. I don't think I saved a whole lot of time doing it that way, but it was easy to do in front of the tv so the time flew by. I hope my friend gives it lots of TLC!

take care mucho,

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