May 4, 2010

the move....

Well I don't know about you all, but I sure hate moving!
My husband and I have decided to move in with my mom to keep her company and along the way it will hopefully help us save money to buy a house sometime in the future.  It has been a very tough weekend... The big move date was Friday.   I took the day off from work and all day was spent hauling boxes and packing last minute stuff up.  Amazingly enough in only 7 hours we had one apartment empty and my moms house a disaster.  Little by little we have been moving, shuffling and organizing.  It is quite a LONG process.
One thing I was really excited for was that my mom had a sewing room.  So it was going to be transformed into OUR sewing room! The only bad thing is that this is what it looks like currently....

I wanted to have the post for cutting our zig zag quilt fabric (quilt along #2) but it looks like this is going to take a little longer than I thought it would.  Hopefully I can put up some diagrams and such to help in the mean time.  Maybe next weekend will feel a little more settled.

For my quilt along peeps- please forgive me!  I will post something helpful no later than tomorrow so that we aren't at a complete stand still, promise.

Take care mucho,

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