May 6, 2010

A day late and a dollar short :(

Week 2: Cutting Fabric - The Zig Zag

Well I have some fat quarters cut ( I did them before the move) and found my little pile buried in the heap.  So far this is all I got to...

This is a great start but I have to end up with all of these cuts....

I hope you are able to get to your cutting tools and fabric in order to cut all your squares out.  You will need a total of 9- 6inch squares from each fat quarter (or 18- 6inch squares from 6- half yards or 54- 6 inch squares from 2- 3 yard pieces).  I know my "wonderful" diagram is a little hard to read.  The left over bit at the end are just two strips of 2 inches.  They will be used for the binding at the very end.

Again I am sorry for the vagueness on this post.  I am hoping to get some essentials unburied to finish my cutting.  Will post as soon as I get it all done.

take care mucho,

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