February 25, 2009

Funny story....

So I have decided to start my own little "sign off".  From now on I will end all my posts with Take Care Mucho and here is the story where it all began.....

One night my friend was over when my mom happened to call.  I talked to her quickly in Spanish (both my parents are from Ecuador, and well to ensure we retained the language we had to speak to them in Spanish....OR ELSE, haha, so out of habit now my sisters and I still speak to them in Spanish)  

Back to the story ... so before hanging up the phone I say "te quiero mucho" (translated = "love you").  

Friend: Oh that is so cute, you say te quiero mucho 

Me:  (with a "what? " face) I always say that to my parents.

Friend:  I had never heard that before.

Me: Really??? It just means 'love you'

Friend: (with an ah-hah expression starts to giggle) I thought you said 'take care mucho' ...like take care a lot.

So after using it numerous times in phone conversations with this friend as a joke I thought it was a good unique phrase.  Plus I usually sign off all my e-mails and phone conversations with "take care" so it seems like a natural progression.  

And because I don't like to post without a picture I thought I would share something I do "take care mucho" my "kids"!

Hope everyone does take care mucho!!

1 comment:

  1. Ah ha! That explains your 'sign off' of the note you added to my prize I won during the OP challenge! I got my package from Sew Mama Sew yesterday - B E A U T I F U L orange fabrics!!!

    Then today I got the charming apron and hand towel!

    THANKS so much for the super nice treats!

    Take care MUCHO!!!