February 24, 2009

I feel so productive today...

I have actually gotten a few things knocked off my "To Sew" list.... on a Tuesday.... after work!
Oh and seeing my tax guy and cooking dinner was somewhere in there too.  

First I pin basted my OP challenge quilt, though not after finding more cloud fabric and changing the border to the backing, haha.  I just didn't like the other blue as much.  The color was fine but I just love the clouds for some reason.  

this is the front

this is the back

Then I did  little project for a friend.  She is obsessed with cows and just moved in to her own apartment.  So when I saw the cow fabric I knew I had to do something for her with it.  I decided on pot holders.  I still need to hand sew the bias tape around but you get the idea.  It was the first one I have made and it was pretty easy.  The thing that took the longest was the quilting and it really wasn't bad at all.  I started and almost finished it tonight!  I have the second one cut out and I think I'll be able to assemble it tomorrow.  

Hope everyone had at least a somewhat productive day!  

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