February 28, 2009

Some small projects finished....

So today was a good day in the sewing room or as I like to call my little craft room. 

 I am addicted to the ideas highlighted on Sew, Mama, Sew! and this month has to be my favorite... fat quarters! They have all sorts of projects you can do with fat quarters and since I am addicted to fq's this was right up my alley.  One of the projects was a passport wallet.  I've always wanted one of these but never really found one I liked. 

  I actually stuck to the pattern for once, haha and it was pretty quick and easy to do.  If I were to redo this though, I think I would put a super heavy duty interfacing in between the outside and lining to make it hold up a little better.  

I also finished up my cow obsessed friend's pot holders.  I LOVE the way these have come out!

I can't wait to show her!!

Hope everyone has had a good Saturday!  
Take care mucho!