July 16, 2012

Week 2: The Start

It was a crazy start (thanks to a little glitch on my part), but luckily everything worked itself out in a matter of minutes and all was great the rest of the day!  

Former students got right to work on their independent projects in the morning Intro to Sewing class, while all my new students finished 2 projects and got started on their 3rd!  Talk about being productive :)

This week the afternoon class is on Using Patterns.  Students learned what information always gets included in a pattern and where to find it.  Everyone started a fun zippered pouch.  They traced the pattern pieces, laid out their fabric, cut out all pieces and started construction.  Did I mention this pattern had a zipper?!  Yeah I set the bar high for my kiddos because I don't want anything to intimidate them.  Everyone has tackled them (the zippers) with great success.

  Tomorrow we should have some fun pictures showing some proud kids with their finished pouch so stay tuned!

Take care mucho,

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