July 12, 2012

Speeding to the Finish!

Today felt like fitting as much as possible in one day.  With our last day looming over our heads (tomorrow) we were getting so much done.  In the morning the girls each got at least 2 projects finished (or really close to finished!) while in the afternoon we had 2 more finished quilts!  I am completely blown away by how awesome my students are.

Has anyone figured out this quilt yet?  Such a cleaver idea!  We should have the big reveal tomorrow.  She is right on track to finishing it up tomorrow.

 One student had already finished her 1st quilted project and started a t-shirt quilt today (I might have encouraged it just a bit, hehe).  It is going to be a whirl wind of a day tomorrow but the top will be finished!

Look at the progress on this one!  She was hoping to make it a 6x6 but I think she may have to settle for a 5x6.

These fun quilted placemats just need their bindings and then Wha La! Dinner will be served :)


Super hard at work with headband and all :)

Finish #2!

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