January 7, 2011

Tutorial: Flat Iron Case

Ever wanted to have a save place to store your flat iron when you aren't using it or on a trip?
Here is a super easy way to create one!
If you are in a rush, like you are leaving on your trip tomorrow (yeah that was me). No fear! You can whip this up with some fat quarters in an hour tops :)


1 fat quarter cut into the following dimensions
- 2 rectangles 7in. x 14in.
- 2 rectangles 7in. x 17.5in. then round the top of one end
about 1 yd 2.5 inch strip coordinating fabric (this will be the binding edge)
Insul-Bright batting (this looks like regular batting but has metallic crinkles that make it heat safe) cut to the same size as your rectangles (1 for each size)

First iron your strip of binding in half.
Layer your smaller rectangles as shown. Cut a strip of binding to the length of the top of the rectangle.

Sew the binding using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Now flip it around and make the binding come around the edge to the other side. Pin and sew it down (this is going to be the "front" side).
Layer the rounded rectangles in the same way as the smaller rectangles (right side down, insul-bright, right side up).  Pin the layers so that they don't shift.  Lay your two "sandwiched" fabrics so they look like the picture.

Take the remaining binding and sew all around the case just as you did the small strip earlier. If you don't wish for your stitches to be seen you can always hand sew your binding down like you would for a regular quilt.

Ta Da! Your all done!

I personally like the flap that I can slip inside the bag so I didn't put a closure. 
If you prefer you can always add a snap easily with a fun tool that looks like this 8 Snap Fasteners Pliers Leatherworking Craft Fabric 

I have a 1in. flat iron and wanted enough room for the cord to fit in as well.  If you have a 2in. iron or don't mind the cord hanging out you can always adjust the size of the case by either narrowing or widening the rectangles.  
Remember, I would love to see what you guys make with the tutorials on this blog so post pics for all to see here

Take care mucho,

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