January 1, 2011

Bake Off Queen

For the longest time my oldest sister has called me the "Bake Off Queen". I have always loved baking. I am not much of a cook... actually I have heard the words "please don't make pasta again!" on more than one occasion from my husband. So I stick to, what apparently I am pretty good at and that is coincidentally what I LOVE to eat, desserts!

This past month I have felt like the Bake Off Queen. I have been baking up a storm for the holidays. I made two huge batches of sugar cookies for my annual cookie decorating party (which I still have some left over despite my best efforts to get rid of them, haha).

My nephew's birthday is in December so I had to pull out the all my tricks to create his favorite character Elmo!

This one was a hard one to conquer. Despite my best efforts I am not a professional so I don't have all the best equipment and in this case the structural know how. By the time he had to blow out the candle there were so many kabob skewers helping to hold him together he almost didn't even look like Elmo anymore, haha. It was a lesson learned for next time. Everyone luckily still enjoyed eating the cake which is what counts.

Then my other sister, mom, cousins, and I decided we had to try making some of the cutest cupcakes form this book

that I had gotten my sister for Christmas.
We had a great time baking, decorating and, the best part, EATING!

We decided to make 3 different cupcakes from the book. The first were the balls of yarn

then the cute little ants, though we did change them to be red ants because we had Christmas m&m's at home :)

Lastly we made different mini pies. These were by far my favorite. I just love the way they turned out.

Not sure what a yellow or green pie in the real world would be, but we had the m&m's and wanted to use them up :)

Take care mucho,


  1. The yellow could be a golden delicious apple pie and the green could be...granny smith apples??