November 2, 2010

Tutorial: Ceramic Cup Pincushion

I bought this little cup/bowl a while back in hopes of turning into a cute little pincushion. As I have been working on other projects it has been staring at me waiting to be transformed. I though this would be a great and quick tutorial to share with you all. It actually takes the smallest bit of sewing , but is super helpful to have around whenever you are working on any of your sewing projects.

Here is everything you will need to create your one of a kind pincushion.

The reason I fill my bowl/ cup with rice is to help weigh it down (doesn't tip over as easily) and to take up some space at the bottom so I don't have to use as much fiber fill.

You want to flip your bowl/ cup over on top of your scrap piece of fabric and cut it about 1 inch wider than the perimeter of your bowl/ cup.

Thread your needle and do a running stitch (a simple up and down) around the entire perimeter of your fabric. Keep your needle connected and put to the side for a second.

Take a clump of fiber fill and round it out in your hands. Take two layers of batting and cover half of your fiberfill ball,

Place the ball inside the fabric and pull the thread.

Make a knot in your thread to keep the thread in place and test out your cushion by placing it on top of your bowl/ cup.

Warm up your glue gun and pump out a generous amount of glue onto half of the inside rim of your bowl/cup. Press your pincushion ball inside your bowl/ cup. Then squeeze back the other half of your cushion put another generous amount of glue onto the other half of the inside rim and press the cushion again.

Ta Da! Your done! Can you believe how easy that was? These make great gifts for your crafty friends too. My mom got this one I made last year...

I decorated the rim of the teacup with some bias tape and pom pom trim. If you wish to decorate your rim just remember to do that before gluing in the cushion part.

Hope you have fun making these to show off your pins and needles!
I would love to see your fun pincushions.  Post pictures here for all to see. 

Take care mucho,


  1. That is so cute! I love this for a crafter gift. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  2. Aw, that is so flippin' cute! :D

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