June 1, 2010

Quilt Along 2: Creating a quilt Sandwich & Basting


The quilt sandwich is pretty easy to do, especially if you use spray basting adhesive (took me many years to discover this great product!).

First I like to lay things out without the spray basting so that I can make sure everything is a good size. You want your batting and backing to be 2ish inches bigger than the quilt top all the way around.

In the end you will have a quilt sandwich that is in the following order...

-backing (right side down)
-quilt top (right side up)

In order to achieve this I like to lay out my batting on the floor and put my backing fabric right side up on top.

Then I fold the backing fabric half way down. I spray the basting adhesive onto the batting and then smooth out the backing fabric on top.
A quick trick I like to use to make sure the fabric gets stuck on flat is to use a yard stick to move the fabric over the sticky batting. If you do get it wrong, no fear! you can always peal the fabric off and try again.

Then I fold the other half up. Spray and smooth the batting.

I repeat this process to spray baste the quilt top onto the other layers.

Now we are ready to quilt!

take care mucho,

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