May 26, 2010

Quilt Along 2: Creating the Backing

So we have pieced together our entire quilt front. Now we have to think about the back. Since we have enough squares we are going to do one multi-fabric zig zag on the back.

Backing fabric:
You will be sewing each of your colored fabric to a 6inch square from your backing fabric (for my quilt this is a grayish IKEA sheet). I am going to cut 12- 6 inch squares from one edge of the fabric.

Just as before, I will be pairing and marking each pair of fabric

Then sewing 1/4 inch from the line on either side.

Cut the squares into triangles.
Iron the triangles open to form new squares.

Then I can start creating my long zig zag.

I then can decide where on the back I want my zig zag. Once I have determined that, I need to cut a straight line dividing the backing fabric to make room for the zig zag.

I then will sew my zig zag to fit in between the line I just cut.

The backing is all done!!!

Take care mucho,

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