November 3, 2009

A few swaps...

I have participated in a few swaps in September and October. I found them all on Flickr (my favorite site recently). The two that I have already recieved are from Swap Till You Drop (STUD) and Placemat swap.

This first package came from Kristin as part of the Swap Till You Drop (STUD). You are allowed to join every month and there is a different theme each time. September was the 1 year anniversary of STUD so the theme was anniversary.

Kristin made a great little quilt. It is very festive and remenisent of a wedding reception. I absolutely LOVED the pasta backing fabric (bottom picture).

For the Placemat Quilt Swap in October I recieved two of these cute spiderweb placemats from Anita!
I had asked for a halloween inspired design and I LOVE it! They have been sitting on my breakfast counter ever since I recieved them. I might even leave them during Thanksgiving, haha.

Now I know you are thinking this is supposed to be a swap, so what did you make? I promise I did make these wonderful people something to swap with but I haven't recieved confirmation that they have recieved them. So ,I am going to wait and post about that when I do.

Take care mucho,

November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Ok so I know I am a little late, but better late than never, right? :)

I am a school teacher and well, we like to have fun with the kids for Halloween. This year I teamed up the PE teachers at my school for our "paper, rock & scissors" trio costume. I can't take credit for coming up with the idea, but I can say I had a blast as the kids took a few seconds to get what their teachers were dressed up as.
Poor "Rock" was mistaken for a potato by a few children but once we lined up in the correct order they were able to "fix" their mistake. I am the one in the middle, a.k.a "Paper". I have "I will not play paper, rock,scissors in class..." on the paper just to make it a little more fun. "Rock" has two bits of graffiti on her that say "I Rock!" and "I (heart) scissors". Sometimes I think adults have way more fun than the kids do :)

I hope everyone out there had a great Halloween!!

Now on to November...can you believe it? Before we know it Christmas will be here, crazy!

Take care mucho,