October 26, 2009

Wedding Preperations...

Not sure if I have mentioned it to all of you but I am getting married next month! Three weeks to be a bit more exact.

Luckily we have decided to have a planned elopement (I know sounds funny to me too) so it has been pretty enjoyable to plan all the wedding and honeymoon details. It has been practically stress free and the best part is that it is in Italy!! It makes planning hard for only one reason, I would like to be there NOW!!

As I was thinking about the minute by minute events of the day I realized that it would be nice to have a ring pillow instead of a just a box. Since David will be carrying the rings in his pocket (it is an elopement after all and no one else will be there) I made a miniature ring pillow to hold our rings. I love the color red so my shoes, my flowers, and small details on my dress are all red. So the color choice for my little pillow was obvious.

I was inspired by the designs of 5eizen. Her etsy shop has the cutest accessories. It is totally worth "window shopping".

The last detail I will be making is my bouquet of red roses and a wrap for the stems made from the same material as the pillow. If you have any bit of advice for me i'd love to hear it.

Take care mucho,

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  1. Congratulations! Hope to see you soon at a future lounge meeting. I could sure use a mini quilting lesson. I came back in Sept, but missed last month, so I'll be back in November. Love all of your creations, too. :0