July 20, 2009

Assembly line...

I feel as thought I have been quite an efficient assembly line in the past few days.  I have been able to create enough squares for three tops!  I finished all my stripe quilt and fish circle squares to even complete the tops.   I am also half way through with my Christmas whirrly giggles.  I am so proud of my productivity.  I always feel way more accomplished when I have products to show for it.  

stripe quilt
fish circles

This week marked the beginning of my summer vacation!  I was teaching summer school for the past three weeks so even though technically it was summer I was still working :(  But now I have 5 whole weeks off and I feel as thought I have started off in the right direction.  

So I have been very busy piecing away getting quilt tops finished but I did not stop there.  I was VERY motivated, haha.   I ended up making a simple back for the stripe quilt and quilting it.  I also quilting my japanese blue and white quilt (which was pieced for a while now) with simple lines.  
back of stripe quilt
Japanese Blue and White- quilted

If I continue in this manner I just might make a decent dent into my fabric pile... which is always good news... I would get to go shopping for more ;) haha.

Hope you are feeling motivated and productive!!!
Take care mucho!

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