June 26, 2009

Fabric Galore....

So I went a little crazy on etsy the other day.  I was browsing the pictures on flickr and fell in love with some japanese prints Bee_Cah had posted.  I had never bought or used japanese fabric before so, of course, I had to ask where she bought it from and she forwarded me to an awesome store, Karaku.  Then that obviously led me to put my PayPal account to good use and got these...

So then I loved these so much and saw that the store had scrap piles so I just had to get these...

And a few more.... these...
Then when they were in my hands I thought of the perfect project to put them in.  A cathedral window quilt that I have been wanting to start for a while.  This is the progress I have made so far (the 1st picture is a little close up of this same strip).
I love the way it is turning out.  This is going to be a project that last a really long time.  I want the finished quilt to fit a twin size bed.  I'll keep you posted as more and more progress is being made on this one.  If you are interested in making your own cathedral window quilt I highly recommend using this tutorial.  It is really easy to make but just takes times.  It's a great project to do little by little every month.

Oh,  and if you like japanese prints I highly recommend Karaku.  They are great! They even sent me a little japanese gift with my fabric.

The little keychain with my name on it had it written in Japanese on the reverse side.  How cool it that!! Plus they sent me Hello Kitty travel size tissues. I totally LOVE Hello Kitty so that made my day even better! I really liked buying from Karaku.  They email you with updates the entire time since it is being shipped from Japan.  I knew exactly when to expect my package.  I am surely going to be buying more fabric from them in the future.  

Hope your sewing endeavors are taking you to explore new fabrics or start a project you have been meaning to do.  

Take care mucho,

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