April 6, 2009

Death by Quilting...

So this weekend was the start of a challenge, Death by Quilting. Quilters had to "kill" their target by creating a table runner and mail it to them. If you recieve a runner in your mail box though you were "dead". There were three people ahead of me to mail out their runners. These quilters were quite determined. One found a post office open late on Saturday and the two others found offices that delivered on Sunday. I was very impressed! My target happened to be a Bee Inspired friend, Rachel from P.S. I Quilt. I woke up early to make it to the post office and send it out to her. This is what she will be opening when she realizes she is killed (muah, haha - in an evil voice).

Oh and some sad news with all the killing madness.... I am slowly bleeding to death. My assassin has her runner in the mail so it is only a matter of time. At least I didn't go down with out a fight, haha.

take care mucho!



  1. Natalie-
    Your runner is awesome! This is your assassin (sounds so cold)here saying what fun this was and hoping you like the TR. While cleaning up the thread mess...oh, it was a site to see, at 2:00 a.m. in the morning on Sunday, I thought to myself that Pat and Margi came up with such a fun idea for those who participated to get to know each other a little better. Have a great Monday!

  2. hi. your target here.
    i have been extremely wounded, in fact, i'm bleeding to death.
    and, i too, am not going down without a fight.
    before i fall victim, know that my weapon was mailed to my target.
    maybe, just maybe, i'll survive a little while longer.

    this was SUCH a blast!!!
    and the hubby loves the runner you made.
    good on you mate!!!