April 7, 2009

Color Block Swap....

A while back, probably around January or so, I participated in a colorblock swap hosted by Jen. I got my package in the mail last week and was super excited! Here are the individual blocks.

This one was made by Amanda in Austin, TX
this one by Vanessa in Northfield, MN
this one by Ginny
this one by Shelly in Austin, TX
this one by Kim in Boise, Idaho
this one wasn't left with a note so I am note sure who made this one :(
this one by Missy in Japan - this one I think traveled the most.
I contributed this block :)

And last but certainly not least, this one was made by Shelly of Biloxi, MS

A huge thanks to everyone who participated. I love all the blcoks!! Now all I have to do is think of some cool way of putting them all together. Any thought? I will keep you posted....

Take care mucho!



  1. So was one person in charge of one color??

    I've seen these little guys around the blog world and was just wondering!!

  2. Lovely Blocks! I love swaps, and I love good results! They look GREAT!