March 4, 2009

Finally some progress...

So I have finally made some progress on my friend, Sarah's quilt!  I had put the quilt on the back burner for a bit... other small projects just got in the way :)

I added another row of 5 squares to the top of the front to give it a bit more length.  

Then I started working on the back of the quilt.  I LOVE the way this has come out.  It totally looks like it could be a cape for "Super Sarah" hahahaha

 I knew I wanted to make a small square boarder with the left over scarps but, originally I thought I would make a smaller "S" appliqued on the bottom right corner.  Then after piecing together what was left of the patterned fabric it was much bigger than I though so I made a bigger "S" and started playing around with placement.  When I put it in the middle it made me laugh and I knew my friend would also find it amusing so it was a winner.  

All that is left is to sandwich, pin baste, quilt and bind.  My goal is to have all of that done within two weeks.  We will see though....

take care mucho!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I wish I was your friend!!

    That quilt is awesome!!

    I never thought about making the back cool too! Great job!

    Hopping over from our bee inspired!