March 17, 2009

Bee inspired....

I have been meaning to focus on these blocks that I had to make for the quilting bee group I joined, Bee Inspired.  I had to make some test blocks which I am so happy that I did since I had to tweek sizes  tiny bit.  

These are my practice blocks in black & white.  My goal is to make everyone's block in b&w first for practice and put them all together to a cool b&w quilt in the end.  We'll see how I progress with that one.  At least I have the first 2 done :)

this one is for Dianah... a cute batik vacation home.

This one is for Rachel... our pinwheel gal.

I hope the girls like their blocks.  I am dropping them off at the post office tomorrow to get to their final destination.  

Take care mucho,


  1. I'm doing the same thing, only my practice ones are more black and tan and I haven't done the house yet.

  2. i ♥ mine!!!

    i like that you are doing b&w test blocks.
    how fun!!!