January 25, 2009

Machine's at the doctor :(

I had to say good bye to my sewing machine today for a yearly cleaning.  I really have worked it hard this past year and had accumulated a ton of dust.  I wont be able to see him again for two to three weeks, YIKES!  

I have to say I was a little nervous leaving him at the store when I heard that, so I tried to keep my mind off things by getting my swap squares ready.  I was busily cutting all the triangles for my block Go Along #2.  

Unfortunately I ran out of the cute polka dot fabric and so had to use some left over squiggles.  

Hopefully my swap team wont mind.  I think the blocks will come out really cute.  Really excited to get and see everyone else's.  I have to be patient though, I wont see them until March.   

1 comment:

  1. I for one won’t mind. I’ll just be happy to have something made by someone that knows what they’re doing—as I feel lost!
    Don’t know if I could handle being without my machine for 3 weeks. That’s why I have so many machines that can be used for more than one thing I guess! :)