August 5, 2014

Last week = knitting!

So we have gotten to a really good start on our knitting week. We had 4 students that were totally new to knitting, 3 that had tried before but didn't remember and 1 that totally knows her stuff :) I am happy to report that every single gal is now knitting and many purling too! (In knitting there are 2 basic stitches: knit & purl) tomorrow the girls start picking out a simple project to conquer as well as learn to decode knitting patterns.

 Don't they all lol so serious and concentrated? :)
I make sure they get mandatory breaks since being in these positions for too long can really put a crink in your neck or back.

Tomorrow I'll take some pictures of swatches (aka- their practice knitted pieces). You can really see how much students have improved in 2 short days.

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