July 28, 2013

Half way done

Friday marked the half way mark for my summer camps.  Three weeks down and three more to go!

Friday seemed like it was a sprint to the finish line. There were so many fun projects that were created and I wanted to make sure that kids took home completed projects (since I know many would stay unfinished otherwise).  Because of all the mad sewing that was going on I forgot to take pictures of quite a few finishes but below you can see many of the completed projects from this week. 

My students continue to amaze me. 

 Today I started a camp of all new sewers and an afternoon camp of what I like to call "old bees" :) 

I will try to remember to take pictures tomorrow... It's so easy to forget with so much going on. 

July 25, 2013

Week 3: Open Studio

This week has blown by! I had 2 Open Studio camps this week. Open Studios are where kids bring their ideas and materials and I help them complete them. Students have picked some great projects. Here's the week so far in pictures...

Working on another project while wearing her first (pj pants)

This cutie created a bunny of her original design!

This is soon to become a skirt.

Finished stuffed elephant!

A bow to finish off her outfit.

This dress started as a drawing and no pattern was used!

And who can't use a cute stuffed octopus on their bed?

There are still lots and lots of works in progress!

Check back to see the final finishes :)

July 19, 2013

So many finishes

This week has really been quite a productive one.  

Lots of hard work ....

Resulted in all these and more finishes...

Bags seemed to be very popular too :)

Thanks girls for making this such a fun week. 

Next week I am helping students complete projects they have decided on in Open Studio camps. 
I'm sure my mouth will be hanging in awe once more :)

July 17, 2013

Too much fun...

This week has been so fun with my sewing friends... I mean students :)

Can't believe we are already over half way through the week and I haven't posted anything. It must be all the sewing that has been happening. 

This week I have had general sewing in the morning and Using Patterns in the afternoon. Again, it's just amazing how much these kids can crank out in just a few hours a day!  

Check out the fun we have been having so far this week. Kids helped me take some picture so I got to be in a few this time.

2 stuffed animals for her little cousins. Super Cute!

Busy little bees 

Making pattern weights for when they cut their fabrics.

During a little break these girls "dressed" up the mannequin

A messenger bag designed by the student.  She decided to learn how to do button holes and was a bit addicted :)

I had to contain myself from sneaking this out in my bag, haha. Isn't this rainbow zipper pouch too cute?

There is more to come so come back soon to see.

July 9, 2013

We're off to a great start

It has been 2 days of camp and kids have been making some major progress!

 Check out what's been going on ...

We have an awesome T- shirt quilt in progress....

Some very concentrated sewers :)

Some students even conquering zippers!

Quilt tops being planned...

And even finished!!

If all this has happened in only 2 days, imagine what they will be doing with 3 more days.

July 3, 2013

Setting Up Shop!

This morning I was able to go into our summer location at Ashlawn Elementary School in Arlington to start setting up for our camps.  Monday will be the first day of 5 weeks of camps there. 

This year it took 2 cars full of stuff to get all the supplies needed to the location.  My campers are going to be blown away with the amount of fabric, yarn and embroidery thread available for them.  

I will also be continuing my tradition of giving out some prizes every week.  I hope campers are as excited as I am!

I am looking forward to another fun summer of sewing with old and new friends!  I can't wait to see what my kiddos come up with this year.  If you are interested to see what goes on at School of Crafts, check back because I will be posting a recap at the end of each week.

Happy July 4th!!!