August 30, 2012

Other craftings

So now that I'm an official stay at home mom, I am finding odd little bits of time to get fun projects done around the house.
I inherited these chairs from my cousin. They are so cute but I wasn't a fan of the colors. Nothing a little spray paint can't fix!
What do you think?

Class spaces still open...

If you are at all interested in signing up for classes this fall you only have a week and a half left.

Also if you have a class that you would like me to teach but isn't in the Arlington parks and rec catalog let me know. I have to put in my class requests soon :)

August 29, 2012

Quilt Con

For those of you interested in the modern quilt movement...The Modern Quilt Guild has created what looks like to be a very fun convention down in Austin,Tx. Registration is tomorrow so get your computers ready! I will be there with my cousin. I am so excited! Just a sewing weekend in a fun new city I've never been, eek!

August 27, 2012

Slip covers here we come...

I was able to pick up the final fabric for the slip covers and get started. I have finished 1, cut up pieces for all 6, and in the middle of 2. Not a bad start.

What do you think?

August 21, 2012

More progress...

Since I couldn't move along on my slip covers I decided to take out a quilt top from 3 years ago?! I really like this one but is was lost and forgotten for too long. Everything is even cut out. All I have to do is finish piecing it. The goal is to get as least half of it done before starting the slip covers. Cross your fingers!

Anyone else have projects that stick around for way to long? Or is it just me?

Some progress...

The muslin slip cover was completed today. I now know what things I am going to tweak but am very happy with how things came out.

Going fabric shopping tomorrow for the real deal!

...any suggestions?

August 20, 2012

next....slip covers

We ordered some fun new dining room chairs for our new house.  I ordered them online and was a little nervous when they were delivered since I had never seen them in person.  I ended up LOVING them! The next big project over at School of Crafts is making some slip covers so that hopefully these chairs last a long time with minimal stains. I hope to make a muslin sample this week to work all the kinks out.  If you have any tips on this one I would greatly appreciate it :)

Take care mucho,

August 15, 2012

Rollie Pollie

Finally finished little mans bean bag chair (aka Rollie Pollie from Dana's Made Blog). I had to make slight modifications to have it turn out just as I wanted, but am SUPER happy with the way it ended up.
Doesn't he look like he is enjoying his new chair?

I highly recommend checking out Dana's website and her fun patterns.  I get so many ideas from her and will be trying out some more of her patterns because she does a great job of explaining every step.

take care mucho,

August 10, 2012

Getting my sewing on

Getting some sewing time despite my chunky monkey not wanting to take regular naps :(

This is a baptism outfit for my brother-in-law's nephew. So far so good! Have to get this finished and in the mail by Saturday. No time to waist......

August 3, 2012

All great things must come to and end.

Today was not only the last day of this weeks camps, but also of all School of Crafts camps.  The past 4 weeks have really flown by due to all of all my fun students, so a HUGE thank you goes out to all my campers this summer!  I have had a blast and I feel honored that you chose to take my camp :)
I hope you enjoy the last batch of pictures from the day...

A whole bunch of finishes!  I try my hardest to have all projects that get started, finished.  

They didn't get finished without a little hard work though...

and then there was a moment I was cleaning up this table of fabric...

where the girls had a little fun with my camera. 
Check out some fun bloopers :)

I do hope all those finished quilts are being cuddled up with tonight!

It has been a great summer!  Hope to see you next summer for Camp 2013 (I usually post info. on this early February, for those early planners).

Remember if you can't wait for next summer to take a class check out my fall classes going on in Sept.- Oct.  Click HERE for more info.

Take care mucho,

August 2, 2012

Almost done

We have one more day to be as productive as possible.  Today was the day to finish practically all the quilts.  It felt like one every half hour was being finished for a little bit.  Check them ALL out...


There were other projects brewing as well.  

What a great day we had.  I am sure there will be quite a few more finishes for the last day so check back and if these posts get you motivated, sign up for a fall class.  Check out this post about to see classes that are being offered for both adults and kids! 

See you tomorrow for our final camp update.

Take care mucho,

August 1, 2012

Half way there

Today marks the middle of the week.  Only 2 days left and I am so surprised how many projects and quilt progress has been made up till now.  I have LOTS of pictures to share...

Quilt top and fun heart pillow finished all in the morning.

 Look how great these coasters ended up.  Love that detail!

 Some proud campers with their finished projects for the day.

Fun pillow case designed all on her own!

Here is a purse that needs 3 more stitch lines and it will be done as well.  YAY!

 This where her quilt started at the beginning of the day today.

 Then it progressed to this....

And by the end of the day she was giving it the final stitch all the way around!

 this quilt went from not even having a complete top 

To totally finished!  Ok well she needs to hand tie a few more places, but that is practically done :)

This quilt went from just a few squares pieced together... to a completely finished top!  (forgot to take a picture of the finished top, oops!)

 this quilt went from being pinned...

to totally and completely finished!

this one being worked on when i took this picture, so there is a row missing.  I expect this one to be a finish by the end of the day tomorrow :)

Two days to go and I feel like everyone is way ahead of schedule. Check back tomorrow to see even more projects finished.
Take care mucho,