October 29, 2011

Fast & Fun Newborn Hat Pattern

To go along with the knitting theme on this blog lately I thought I would share a very simple Newborn Hat Pattern I made up.  

I used some left over Outer Spud & Chloe yarn I had, but you can use any bulky weight yarn and still come out with one cute little hat.  

Needles: size 13 dpn

CO 30 stitches (10 on each of 3 dpns) and work in the round for the entire project.

Row 1-5: *K1-P1*
Stockinette stitch (K every row when working in the round) until hat measures 4 inches

Next row: *K4, K2tog*
Next row: K
Next row:*K3, K2tog*
Next row: K
Next row: *K2, K2tog*
Next row: *K1, K2tog*
Next row: *K1, K2tog*

Cut leaving about a 6 inch tail
Using a tapestry needle thread through remaining stitches on needles.  Pull tight to close the hole and weave in all ends from the inside of the hat (wrong side).

Ta da!! You have a cute and soft little hat for your little one.  You can whip so many of these up in no time.  So why not make one to match each outfit? :)

Hope you like this Fast & Fun project.

Take care mucho,

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