February 7, 2011

Infant Mittens

I haven't gotten my act together to share with you my loads of fabric that I bought while on my wonderful Japan trip, but I do have a fun small project I have been working on getting posted that is finally done :)

My friends little Sophia came into this world just a little earlier than expected.  She was a tiny cute little thing born in the middle of winter.  I knew she needed mittens that would fit her just right to keep those cute little fingers warm.  I grabbed my double pointed knitting needles and went to town.  


I kinda made it up as I went along but I wrote down what I did so that I could make two matching mittens.  If you are interested in making a pair for a little one in your life I wrote down the "pattern" below. 

Take care mucho,

Newborn Hand Warmers

Left over sock weight yarn
Size 5 double pointed needles

CO 32 sts distribute them among 3 dpn’s
k2, p2 ribbing all around
con’t in ribbing pattern until piece measures ¾ inches from CO edge
Next row: *k2, yo, k2tog* repeat all around
k all around until piece measures 2 inches form CO edge
Next row: *K4, k2tog* reapeat all around
Next row: k
Next row: *k3, k2tog* repeat all around
Next row: k
Next row: * k2, k2tog* repeat all around
Next row: k
Next row: * k1, k2tog* repeat all around
Next row: k
Next row: k2tog all around
Cut leaving at least a 6in. tail. 
Using a tapestry needle pull tail through the remaining loops.  Pull tight and make a knot. 
Weave in ends

Add a 4 inch long piece of thin elastic.  Weave through the holes made above the ribbing.  Hand sew elastic ends together. 

Repeat the whole process to create the second one and then your DONE!

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  1. You are such a superstar!!

    Those look great. AND she looks precious!!!!

    Can I have her?