February 4, 2010

my heavy heart

I write this post from my father's hospital bedside. The past 24 hours has changed my life forever. My dad had a really bad fall and the outlook is not good at all. My heart will never be the same. I cannot even begin to tell you what an awesome man he was. I am just so happy that I got to be one of his daughters that was loved by him beyond words. It is because of this, the worst day of my life, that I must postpone my blog posts & quilt alongs until I can make sense of this world again.

February 2, 2010

Fat Quarter Quilt Along Series

As promised February begins my bi-monthly quilt alongs.

I am challenging myself to create 6 quilt designs that can be made with a pack of 12 fat quarters (I get my packs from The Fat Quarter Shop) and some coordinating solid.  This months is the easiest and quickest! (my favorite combo)  It will be a lap sized quilt and hand tied.  Here is the schedule I plan to adhere to for each of the "quilt alongs"

Week 1 = Gathering of Materials
Week 2 = Cutting of Materials
Week 3 = Assembly of Quilt tops
Week 4 = Quilting & Binding

As the months progress the skill level will increase as well.  So on some months there might need to be a quilt top &  backing to assemble.  They will be presented in two weeks instead of one.  Also for most quilts the quilting does take some time (with the exception of this first quilt).  So, because of this quilting & binding might need to take up two weeks.  Remember though, that I am going to introduce one quilt every two months.  So the next one will be in April, which should give everyone a chance to finish up this first one :)

Here is a picture of what a finished quilt #1 will look like.... yeah, I know... not the greatest pic :( but I promise that you will LOVE it!

Tomorrow the list of materials will be posted.  
Hope to see you around here for the quilt alongs!

Take care mucho,

February 1, 2010

I live in a Museum...

So January whizzed by me and February has poked through.  The last two weeks have had very little sewing.  We are trying to sell our condo and well that means that the place must look pristine... as in museum... like no one really lives there.

Ugghh... It is so NOT my style at all.  I like living in a place that says, "Ooooh, it's so homey"! I like my knitting bag to sit next to the couch ready for me to pick up when I turn on the tv.  Or my sewing machine out and ready, not hidden under it's cover.  Although my creative side is taking a bit of a hit because of this I do love the way our place looks!  If we weren't too stretched out for space in our cute condo (totally because of my craftiness, btw) I would totally stay.  It looks the best I have ever seen it.  I mean look at my studio space!!

Everyone who knows me and has seen this spot has had their jaw drop to the ground.

Ok well maybe they aren't THAT shocked, but pretty close.  So hopefully all the effort in making our place shine out against the rest will pay off soon with someone giving us an offer.

In the mean time I try to do a little sewing here and there.  Very careful not to get too many things out at once.  My husband will kill me if I ruined the museum like quality of this room.  We did spend a good chunk of time organizing it after all.

Take care mucho,

PS- Check back tomorrow.  I am introducing my series of quilt alongs.   I hope you are able to join in on some of the fun!