June 8, 2010

Quilt Along #2: Straight Line Quilting

We are ready to quilt!!

For this quilt I thought it would be a good idea to do some straight line quilting. It fits the modern zigzag design and for a beginner quilter this is a great way to get started.

You will need to keep your 1/4 inch foot on your machine and feed dogs normal (this is different when you do free motion quilting)- what is super helpful is a walking foot! These can be pricey though and for a quilt this size your 1/4 inch foot can do the trick.

You are going to start at one of the center zigzags (I "drew" over the picture where you will be starting to quilt)

Place your quilt under your machine at one end of the center zig zag. You want to roll up the right side of your quilt so it fits under the arm of your sewing machine.
You will follow the seam line with the edge of your presser foot.

As you approach a corner of the zigzag you will need to stop your needle in the down position. Then pick up your presser foot, pivot your quilt, lower your foot and continue sewing.

You will repeat the sewing, stopping and pivoting until you get to the end of the zigzag.

Then you cut your thread and go at it again on the other side of the seam of the zigzag.

Keep going along both sides of every seam and you will have a completely quilted quilt!

Wasn't too bad was it?

Now take a look on the back.

Does it look great?!

One more step... binding! Check back next week to complete your quilt... your going to be surprised at how quickly it will go :)

Take care mucho,


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  2. OK Natalie- had NO IDEA that you quilted! I'm working on my first one ever. Started small, you know, queen size. :) But very simple, just squares. We totally have to talk about this sometime soon!