May 18, 2010

Quilt Along #2 Zig Zag - sewing

So we are ready to sew our half square triangles!

Here is a short video of how to chain stitch on either side of the marked line for each pair of squares. Once you have chained pieced you can cut along the marked diagonal line and TADA! 2 squares become 4 triangles.

You can press your triangles open. I usually iron the seams to one side though if you prefer to press them open go for it! I do have to mention that it can get pretty bulky where the diagonals meet so pressing open does make it a little bit less bulky.  It really wont make a huge difference though.

I like to make piles with my fabrics so I know the order of my zig zags. It is much easier to chain piece so I make piles that look like the picture below.
It only shows one of the zigs (or is it a zag, haha) but you have a stack of 4 of them. I sew all the pairs together of one zig to look like this...

Then I sew two sets together to look like this...

Then I complete the strip...

I repeat this for each strip...

Then you just sew all the strips together to have a completed top!

Hope you are able to sew your top together this week. I will be sharing how to do some easy straight line quilting on the next posting of our quilt along.

take care mucho,

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