March 12, 2010

Amy Butler's Kimono Robe...

I have had Amy Butler's "In Stitches" book on my bookshelf for months now.  I have taken it down quite a few times flipping through all the pages making a mental list of all the projects I would like to conquer one day.
Finally, I actually made one of the projects that I have been eying.
My cousin was in town and was looking through my book and requested for me to make her the kimono robe.  When we went to the fabric store we couldn't find exactly what she wanted so we ended up buying a quilting cotton fabric for the outside and a knit for the lining.  Once I started working on it though, I quickly realized that I could make it reversible quite easily. So this is what a few hours later of work accomplished....

( I know the pictures are weird since it is a headless person, but she wouldn't let me include her face so it's the best I could do)

Isn't that SO fun! I fell in love with it.  And now as soon as a finish a few WIPs I plan on making one for myself.

I was very surprised at how quickly this all came together.  I had made some other patterns (sold individually) by Amy Butler and it was just eternal.  So many steps to follow.  I literally cut out all the pieces for the kimono robe in about an hour one night.  Then, roughly three hours the next day it was all finished.  I highly recommend making one for yourself!

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  1. Wow, that's pretty interesting! Been looking forward to make my own reversible kimono robes, never thought it could be as simple as putting a lining.=)