January 12, 2010

FQ Packs & Sharing

I know I talk about my love of my fat quarter packs all the time here, but I have decided to share in my fun!

My goal is to share a completed quilt made from one of these packs every other month. I will be posting it like a Quilt Along so if you are interested in following along please check back the first week of February. I will be using the pack pictured above.
I am going to start off with a bit of a simple pattern and progressively increase in skill and difficulty. I hope you enjoy it and learn something new.

I hope you join!
take care mucho,

Oh and if anyone knows how to create buttons for blogs I would really appreciate some help on that. Thanks :)

1 comment:

  1. I love Meadowsweet! I'm using it in my current project here: http://blog.petitdebutant.com/2010/01/josephs-coat-update.html