October 15, 2009

waiting.... waiting.... FINISHED!

I had this quilt hanging out in my work room for the longest time. Waiting only for it's binding. I remember many month ago when I was so motivated for this quilt. I cut all the fabric and pieced the whole quilt top in a day. Then the next day I got the backing done and quilted it. The day after wasn't so productive...The poor quilt got folded and forgotten :(

In my defense I didn't have the binding at the time...though I should probably not share that I bought some a week later, haha. Regardless, the quilt sat there folded just pleading to be put out of its misery and get some binding sewed on.

Finally, this past weekend I got tierd of seeing this poor quilt unfinished and decided to end the suffering. I picked it up worked some magic and TA DA!!!

A perfectly finished quilt!!
All in all it took only about an hour, which leads me to wonder why in the world I waited as long as I did to finish this one up.

I love the simplicity to this one and love it even more because the squares are japanese blue printed fabric. I hope I never take this long to complete a quilt again.

Take care mucho,

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