May 30, 2009

i'm back!!!!

I have to give a huge "sorry" to all my bloggy friends.  I have left you all hanging and you don't know how much I have missed you.  

I have had quite an interesting two weeks.  It all started off with a creative slump.  I just wasn't getting inspired when I walked into my craft room.  Then I got hit with the slap cheek virus.  Ever heard of it?  Well.... it isn't fun at all.  It started off with a terrible cold and then I started waking up with weird symptoms.  My hand and feet were swollen and I got itchy hives all over.  Yeah all of that no fun individually.  You can imagine all at the same time.  I have to say though that I was happy to hear the doctor knew what I had right away because I was imagining a rare and not so easy to discover disease.  The bad news that came with the quick diagnosis was the length of time I had to live with this thing... on the early end 7-10 days, but could last 4 weeks.  I have been very good about carrying benadryl around with me and it seems as though the virus is finally starting to subside.  No more swollen hands or feet and very few hives and almost no itching.  A vast improvement!! 

Then the last thing, my little cherry on top, my computer keyboard was all sorts of messed up.  I couldn't type any c's  or x's and occasionally other keys.  So off it went to get repaired and I just got it back today.  

So in honor of things looking up I thought I would show you some blocks I made for Bee Inspired.  

This block was for Nettie.  She wanted flying geese made out of the cutest japanese prints.   Sorry the lighting totally stinks on this one but I wasn't able to take another one before sending it off.
This block is now with Deanna.  She was using a brown and pink color scheme for her daughter who requested a star block.  

I promise to keep posting more often now.

take care,

May 12, 2009

Pay it Forward...

So I participated in a pay it forward and got this cute little owl made by Kim @ White Cottage Designs.  I have to tell you I love mine!! She sits on my couch and I am inspired to make big ones because my couch needs a little bit of color, dontcha think?

  Well... ok I am totally off topic... back to pay it forward. 

 I have made little pouches for either your sewing supplies, school supplies, or any other supplies you may need to keep together and handy.  

So one little pouch will go to the first three people who leave a comment.  So please leave a little love in the comment section and let me know which pouch you would like.  Don't forget to make sure you also leave your e-mail so that I can get in touch with you.  Don't forget that once you recieve one of these in the mail you will then have to Pay It Forward by sending a little homemade goodie to three others.  

Oh and if you would like to participate but you see that three people have already commented, start your own Pay It Forward on your blog.  

I hope all of you are inspired to Pay it Forward!

Take care mucho,

May 5, 2009

A summary.....

As I am sure you all know by now.... I had an AWESOME time at the Summit of Awesome hosted by Hello Craft.  On Saturday night there was a chance for some of the presenters to sell some of their homemade goodies and of course you know I couldn't just window shop.

I love this little goodie from a bardis.  At first I thought this was a regular old button that you pin on yourself, OH but no, this is a much cleaver little accessory that every one needs in their purse.  Can you believe that it is a cute little mirror?  I was shocked and LOVED it so put it in my bag (after paying of course).

I am ashamed to say I didn't take a note of the booth I got this cute little WPI tool.  This is going to be way handy when I am knitting.   This tool was hand crafted by artist in California.  I can't wait to put it to use.

The last day, Sunday, everyone had a chance to participate in a white elephant game.  Everyone who wanted to, brought something handmade to play with.  There were SO many great handmade goodies that I totally would have loved bringing home but I have to say I love this!  It is a small wallet, perfect for going out and putting in a little wristlet.  You will see me sporting it out on the town this weekend.

Here you see two simple books I created using scrapbook paper, drawing paper and a little bit of DMC embroidery floss.  I all ready have plans to create these books with my students and possibly give these for gifts... if I can get myself to part with them, hehe.

This was something else I created during a workshop.  I learned an easy way of silk screening from a bardis, which I hope to share with all of you with pictures soon.  This is a handkerchief that I myself silkscreened with a design that was pre-made.  I have always wanted to learn but always thought it would be super expensive and too much equipment to store.  Now I know I was totally wrong.  Plus is was super easy! I can't wait to design my own.  

That is my Summit of Awesome round up.  I still plan on sharing with you some of the great info I learned from the learning sessions so be patient with me I promise to set some time aside and get it all organized and typed.  

Also the gals at Hello Craft said that they were going to post some of the info to all of the information sessions so check their site out they are full of great info and inspiration.

Take care mucho,

May 1, 2009

More on the 1st day of the Summit of Awesome....

As promised here are some pictures of the make and takes at the Summit of AWESOME!

Here is a little felt birdie that I created with the help of Mary Jane's Attic.  She had everything ready to go for us and it took about 20 minutes.  I was quite impressed with myself.  I have only attempted needle felting once before and wasn't nearly as successful as I was today.  I don't love my little birds huge beak, but oh well.

These two pictures are the front and back of my decorated mole skin journal.  Can I just tell you how much I LOVE moleskin journals!  They are super handy and I feel like I have one lying around everywhere to help me contain my creativity :) 

The stamps used are from Craft Pudding and aren't they TOTALLY adorable!!! I think she is going to have a booth set up selling some of her stuff tomorrow so guess who is going to be first in line?  

Today was super eventful and I loved every minute of it.  I felt right at home with all the other crafty people out in this world.  Many of my close friends aren't crafters themselves so it is very rare that I get to share what I love to do with people who know what I am talking about.  

I went to 2 info. sessions today.  One was on creating a social network through all the wonderful technology tools (one that they discussed was blogging so I felt as though I was a little ahead of the gang... for once, haha).  Then in the afternoon I went to a session on how to photograph your items.  It was super helpful and had great tips which I hope to post for everyone early on next week.  

I am learning so much and having a blast along the way.  Tomorrow I have two more information session and a few more NEW make and take opportunities so I will be posting again to let you know what is up.  

Happy crafting!

take care mucho,

Summit of Awesome...

Today was the first day of the Summit of Awsome and well... it was AWSOME!! I am lucky because it is literally just a few blocks away from my apartment.  Please read all about this great summit by clicking here.  It is hosted by Hello Craft that has great information so check them out.  

It has been a day full of learning and making.  Later tonight I will post some pics of two make it & take it projects that I was able to do in between learning sessions.   If you happen to be in the area I think you may still be able to purchase day tickets.  I totally recommend it!

take care mucho,