February 22, 2009

One project is done...

So this is the final day of the OP challenge and I do have at least one project finished this far.  I finishing sewing and quilting my coasters together and I really and loving the way the turned out.  I have to say I am addicted to the bright oranges now.  
Sarah if you are reading this, they are finished!! What do you think?

As for my original OP challenge quilt... I got inspired by the zig zag quilt Pat posted the first day.  As you all now know I have to put my twist to it so I am imagining a green center patch, and orange zig zag boarder and finish it off with a blue sashing all around.  I am sure that I am not describing it well but I am hoping to have a picture posted later today to show you.  

New goal for today is finish piecing the back and pin baste it al together.  Let's see how successful I can be :) 

Oh and don't forget to see who is part of Pat's blog hop today.  There are some more GIVEAWAYS!!! you can't pass up on that chance.

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