January 14, 2009


Last semester I was taking a sculptural ceramics class.  We did quite a few pieces that were pretty big that they all weren't able to finish firing by the end of the class.  The only piece that made it out is this one... 

The assignment was to take two different images, one for the background and the other for the people in it.  My two images were of a cafe and Mary Cassatt's  "Girl in a Staw Hat" (my favorite painting of all times!).  I wasn't the biggest fan of adding the little girl once I had finished the cafe scene,  I just loved the way that came out! But over all, once I put the brown wash on it and it got it's final firing I am pretty proud of my first sculptural piece.  

Tomorrow I am starting a photography class so I'm sure I will feel the need to share some of my work from there as well.

Hope everyone is getting excited about the inauguration!  I only live a few blocks away so I am going to try to get a glimpse of it on Tuesday.  

Take care!

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