September 26, 2012


This past Monday was the 2nd of 5 classes I'm teaching to adults. Students have really picked up on sewing with a sewing machine. Most have gotten up to the last step of there 3rd project! Only 1 more to go and then they get to pick their free choice.
Oh and I did remember to take a picture. Only 1 but at least it's something.

Guest bathroom revamping

I wanted to make the guest bathroom (that also serve as my little mans bathroom) a little less sterile. The house was painted beautifully when we moved in, so the blue walls where a keeper. Then I added a white shower curtain and had white towels. Can you see where the sterile is coming into play? So I decided to splurge on a fun shower curtain and towel set from pottery barn kids. I didn't want to totally tip the bank getting more colorful towels for guests to use, so I decided to revamp the white ones I already had. I added a strip of navy blue gingham that matched the pottery barn kids things and Ta Da! I also decided to make a tissue box cover (which was, yes you guessed it, white!).
Super easy, super quick and I think it really makes things look nice in that bathroom.
Have you Worked on a quick and satisfying project lately?

September 19, 2012

Wall of pictures

An update on my wall of pictures...
All frames have been painted (except 2 I want to keep them as is and switch them out for new frames eventually). I just finished putting pictures and backings on them yesterday so it has been laying on my floor, looking like this.

What are your thoughts?

September 18, 2012

Fall class

Last night was the first day of the adult intro to sewing class. Can you believe that I didn't take one picture? I even thought about it but never actually took my camera out. Typical, right?

It was a great night! I have 9 fabulous students and all finished their first project, a fun pincushion. Not to mention that all of them can successfully thread their machine!
Hopefully next week I will have some pictures to share.

If your interested in sewing classes don't hesitate to write and put in a specific request :)

September 16, 2012

Dc Modern meeting

On Saturday I attended a DC modern quilt guild meeting. It had been a few months since I have been able to go to a meeting so I was very excited. Everyone worked on charity quilts for Katie's 100 quilts for kids (check it out at her blog It's always so nice to see old friends and meet new ones!

September 11, 2012


My mind has been consumed with my picture wall. I want it to look fun but not very uniform looking. I don't know how it will end up but the plan is to take this mix of thrift store and store bought frames and make it look good. In the end all the frames will be black (I am really liking spray paint!). Still debating the arrangement. So far this is my favorite. I'll audition a few more once the frames are painted so you can voice your opinion and help me make a decision.

September 6, 2012

Chair make over

I have these great foldable chairs for when we need extra at home. I wasn't a fan of the fabric on them so I'm giving them a make over. This is the easiest kind of reupholstery you can do. I highly recommend doing it on your own and not paying someone else.

I got fun fabric from Ikea for .99/yrd! You can't beat that price!
So here is the before and after.