November 4, 2011

School of Crafts goes scouting!

 I was asked at the beginning of the school year to come up with a fun sewing activity for a local Girl Scout Troop.  I jumped at the chance!  I always wanted to be a brownie or girl scout, but for some reason my parents never signed me up.  Must be that by the time the third one (me) rolled around they were just getting a little tired, haha. 

Since they only had an hour long meeting the month of September I thought fun felt pillows would be a great hand project that could be conquered by all.  I created small kits with different colored felt, needles, and colored DMC thread.  
The girls were able to choose any design they wanted to give their pillow.  My example was made with the girl scouts symbol.  

Many of them were able to finish embellishing their pillow tops, but only a few started their whip stitching all around to actually put their pillow together.  It was all ok because they were able to take home their kits.  Many of them later on told me they were able to finish them up later that evening.  

It was so much fun to see the girls at work!!
Thank you Girl Scouts for letting me be a part of a fun Girl Scouting adventure :)

Take care mucho,

October 29, 2011

Fast & Fun Newborn Hat Pattern

To go along with the knitting theme on this blog lately I thought I would share a very simple Newborn Hat Pattern I made up.  

I used some left over Outer Spud & Chloe yarn I had, but you can use any bulky weight yarn and still come out with one cute little hat.  

Needles: size 13 dpn

CO 30 stitches (10 on each of 3 dpns) and work in the round for the entire project.

Row 1-5: *K1-P1*
Stockinette stitch (K every row when working in the round) until hat measures 4 inches

Next row: *K4, K2tog*
Next row: K
Next row:*K3, K2tog*
Next row: K
Next row: *K2, K2tog*
Next row: *K1, K2tog*
Next row: *K1, K2tog*

Cut leaving about a 6 inch tail
Using a tapestry needle thread through remaining stitches on needles.  Pull tight to close the hole and weave in all ends from the inside of the hat (wrong side).

Ta da!! You have a cute and soft little hat for your little one.  You can whip so many of these up in no time.  So why not make one to match each outfit? :)

Hope you like this Fast & Fun project.

Take care mucho,

October 25, 2011

Knitting some more...

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been having a great time knitting for my little guy who can be making his appearance any day now (Yikes!).  Here are a few sweaters I have created for him to keep him cozy during the winter months.

This one is a Spud & Chloe pattern, Buga Baby Bunting.  It was just so cute I couldn't resist.  Plus I have been a fan of Spud & Chloe for a while now.  I loved their yarns and now I totally dig their patterns too, because this one clearly written and easy to follow.

 The pattern for this one I found on Ravelry.  I love the little old man feel to this one.  It reminds me of something my dad would wear.

And some cute little mocasins to keep his little feet nice and warm when we are out and about.  The pattern fro these were purchased on ebay but you can find the link on Ravelry here.

I have a few more knitted goodies, but just haven't been able to get a picture of them.  I will try to post them on to my flickr page as soon as possible. 

If you have any other suggestions of patterns I should try out for my little man please let me know.  I have really enjoyed these quick projects.  

Now only to see them on him.  That is going to be exciting!

Take care mucho,

October 21, 2011

Knitting up a storm....

So on top of all the fun Camp fun I had this summer I have been knitting like it is going out of style!  This baby news really makes crafting SO much more fun!  Making little things is exciting and instantly gratifying.  For some reason I am more into knitting for this baby than sewing, but I think it works out since he is coming in the middle of very cold weather.

 It all started with making some fun little hats....

(Pattern for this one coming soon )

Why hats?  I am sure you asking yourself.  Well......
  I am fortunate to have an awesome family friend, Maria, who is an AMAZING photographer.  I am always talking to her about creative endeavors.  The moment I found out I was expecting I "booked" her to take his newborn pictures.  I hope to use these hats during the photo shoot.  I just love how babies look with knitted pieces and naked bodies!  Check out Maria's pictures at her website Papillon Photography.  I am sure you will LOVE what you see! 

I am getting so excited to see what this little guy looks like in these little creations.  

More knitted items to come soon... after all I told you I have been knitting up a storm right?
Stay tuned :)

Take care mucho,

October 18, 2011

Sewing Camp 2011

School of Crafts Summer Sewing Camp was a great success!  I was a little nervous venturing on my own, but I knew that I would be starting a family soon and wanted to make sure I would be able to stay home with my kids.  So...  School of Crafts Sewing Camp came to be!

  For the first go around I am super happy with how well things went.  I had so much fun with all my students.  They were all so fun and I loved seeing their personalities come out in their projects.  Here is a nice photo recap of the AMAZING creations everyone made. 

There are so many more, but I figured I would just highlight a few :)  If you would like to see all the pictures taken please visit our Flickr page.  You truly will be amazed with the modifications and projects some of the students came up with all on their own and only after 1 week!

If you are interested in taking some classes with School of Crafts I will be posting Summer 2012 dates in February.  So be on the look out :)
Take care mucho,

September 28, 2011


I can't believe that it has been so long!  Summer has come and gone, back-to-school time past... where have I been?    I have been quite the slacker on my poor blog, but I have had some great things to catch you guys up on.  

*Summer Sewing Camp was a great success and my students have blown me away with their talent! 
*I have also been busy knitting and sewing away things for my little guy (YUP... that's right another mini crafter is coming to you sometime in November).  Crafting for babies is just way too FUN! 
*I was even able to fit in a short but relaxing Key West getaway with my husband for one last hurrah before the baby comes.

I know I am such a tease but I just had to post a little something to get the ball rolling here on my poor abandoned blog.

So hold tight and check back, I promise not to leave you hanging like I did this summer.

Take care mucho,

April 6, 2011

I'm hosting a party!

I am really excited that I was chosen to host Singer's House Party!  I will be showing guest how to use the Singer Confidence machine (which I used when I "met" Martha Stewart last year!).  All guests get to make a project, eat some yummy finger foods, and chat.  It is going to be so fun!!

If you want to get an invite just comment and I will try my best to get you in!

Take care mucho,

March 21, 2011

DC Modern highlights hand sewing

This past weekend DC modern had another meeting at a local coffee shop.  We had a great turn out of great women with amazing hand sewn projects! Look at what some people have been working on...

Thanks ladies for great inspiration, conversation and friendship!

Take care mucho,

March 17, 2011

For Japan with LOVE!

I love that the crafting community always gets together to help in times of crisis.  Tomorrow I am going to be participating in a day of blogging silence in honor of all of those affected in Japan.  I had the great opportunity to visit Japan in January and LOVE the people and country! My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims trying to get their life back together!

March 16, 2011

Baby Shower season

So with Spring flowers come a whole lot of babies :)  Every weekend this month I have a baby shower to attend.  Isn't that crazy!  This past weekend was one that I threw for a friend of mine having a little girl.  It was a small group of us, but we had a good time chatting and enjoying all her fun cute small gifts. 
Here are a few things that I crafted up for the event...

 I sewed up the table runner with stripped yellow fabric to match the invites (for got to get a pic of them) and created the tissue balls using the handy flower method I learned, oh I think in first grade, haha.

 I made yummy red velvet cupcakes with yellow died cream cheese icing.  The fun cupcake toppers were created from Dimple Prints, which also designed the invites.

I had to include this last picture because it cracks me up every time I see it.  We played one small game.  There were 8 celebrity parents with their faces covered up and everyone had to guess who they were.  My friend Rachel was really into winning and making sure no one got a peak at her answers, haha. 

Anyone else out there feeling the Spring Baby Fever?

Take care mucho,

March 8, 2011

more progress

I really have been on a mission lately with my tall stack of ufo's.  I have one that is completely finished and 3 that are very close :)

This is a baby blanket that is ready to be used as soon as my second nephew comes into this world.  I love the simplicity (it is a modified project out of  Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts)

This is an "I Spy" quilt that was started forever ago.  I had it all planned out.  Sashing cute and ready to get sewed and then I lost steam.  Which is kinda weird considering putting it together for me is the fun part.  Finally the strips were sewn and then sewn all together to create this quilt top!   Now I have to find some fun fabric for the backing.... any ideas?

This was another project that I had all ready and prepped but never actually sewn together.   I wanted a fun fabric animal book to use my cute 45'' Wide Brown Bear Brown Bear Painted Animals Multi Fabric By The Yard fabric.  I LOVE the way this has turned out.  If you are wondering, the words are in Spanish :)
I hope to have finished pictures of this one tomorrow.  It was just a little too late to keep my eyes open to finish the last page panel.  

Gosh it feels so good to get these projects finished up!  I am loving the way they are turning out and it is nice to know that they aren't cluttering up my sewing space any more.  

Have you been working on some ufo's lately?

Take care mucho,

March 2, 2011

A productive evening...

Not sure if I had mentioned to you all, but right before leaving for my impromptu trip I had cleaned out my sewing studio.  It was such a chaotic mess that I just couldn't stand it.  It was a whole weekend endeavor.  By Saturday night it looked like I had made it worse rather than better.  Then Sunday rolled around and everything was put back in a new place.

The most shocking part of the whole "spring cleaning" was the number of u.f.o's I found.  14 in total!  Can you believe it?  Some of which I totally had forgotten about.
(Pictured below is only a small basket with 4 of the ufo's).

So I quickly had a new goal to accomplish.  I HAD to finish some of the u.f.o's before starting anything!  
Last night was my first chance to really get something done. 

I started with the blocks I had received from my bee group Sew Fun!  I arranged them on my fun new design wall and started sewing.  I have the front design all figured out, but need to stop by IKEA for a little more of the gray sheet fabric to finish it off.  I have 5 blocks left over that I already have an idea for to use on the back. 

I also took out my pillow roll and finally made myself the pillow that I have wanted for a while.  I am in love!  It was perfect last night while I was watching TV in bed.  Plus it only took me about 25 minutes to make.

I have taken this cute baby quilt out too.  The top was already pieced together.  It just needed a little trimming, which I quickly did.  I am off to buy a little bit fabric for the back so that I can do some simple straight line quilting later this week. 

I also have plans for some fun color blocks that can't be shown at the moment.  They were demos for a project I have submitting for publication! I plan on turning them into a pillow.  It will add some fun color to my sewing room.  

I love fun and productive evenings!  

Take care mucho,

February 27, 2011

Mid- Atlantic Quilt Festival - aka. Road Trip!

Yesterday some friends and I road tripped it to the Mid- Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton Virginia.  We saw some amazing quilts on display...

We ate yummy food- Krispy Kreme, Cracker Barrel & Pierce's BBQ.  And of course bought some fun fabric to add to the stash...

I also totally splurged to buy my very first design wall! It is collapsible and totally easy to assemble.  If you don't have one yet I recommend this one.

Did anyone else have a chance to go?  
Take care mucho,